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We are Momentus – New England’s ultimate Selfie Station experience.

Make your event truly Memorable, and capture every Moment with our cutting-edge photo booth services. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or trying to attract visitors at a conference, our selfie stations will create instant memories for all of your guests to keep and share.

Snapping MA, RI, CT, NH, and all parts of New England, our professional photo booth services will deliver more at your events—more social media content, more buzz, more guest engagement, and more fun! With Momentus, your party will be an instant hit, bursting with moments that make history.

We look forward to enhancing your next event experience—when you decide to make it momentous.

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Our Services

Momentus-Events provides premier service with every photo booth rental.

Most Advanced Photo Booth

Intuitive and Fun. Easily post pics directly to Facebook, Twitter or Email. Tag your friends and share the fun immediately.

Any Event At Any Time

Customize your event with our white-glove services, delivered to your location. Small footprint allows us to go almost anywhere.

Complete Branding Solutions

We work with your design team to enhance your expo booth, corporate event, sports gathering, etc. with the goal of building your brand.

Momentus Staging

Make your event momentous by creating a set for your pictures. A fashion runway, a royal throne, a board room… what can you imagine for your event?

Simple, Easy, and Turnkey

Intuitive and fun for users, and a powerful tool for your brand. Momentus customizes each engagement to meet your standards and goals.

Affordable & Budget-Friendly

Finally, a smart and effortless way to spend advertising and marketing dollars. This is the most affordable way to connect with new customers, and create followers of your brand.

Social Media Sharing

It is amazing to watch how people come together at a Share Station. It creates a whole new dynamic, where your message can be introduced in a natural, conversational setting.

Real Time Data & Analytics

Our robust analytics software tracks the effectiveness of your marketing programs, as well as gain insights on what works for your market.

Easy Setup

No rigging or expensive handling needed. Under 100 pounds, it is easy to set up and ship anywhere. Its small footprint allows it to be placed almost anywhere.

Selfie Station

  • Touchscreen

    We can use a low-profile setup with an intuitive touchscreen, or add a keyboard.
  • HD Camera

    720p HD Camera for clear and crisp images to post or print.
  • Photo & GIF

    Use a single image or a fun GIF to bring animation into your post.
  • Social Sharing

    Facebook, Twitter and email your moments. Choose one, or all.
Selfie Station
  • Small Footprint

    At 25” x 18” it can go anywhere. If needed we can even configure it to hang on a wall
  • Wifi

    We can connect to your existing system, or place our Share Station on its own hotspot.
  • Customizable

    The flexible platform works well for both smaller private events, and large corporate events.
  • Brand Building

    With careful use of graphics and messaging, we effectively promote your message.

Key Advantages To Renting With Momentus


Best Technology

Our Share Station is the standard for modern, image based social medial marketing. We’ve researched what it takes to turn a moment into a memory, and built a company around that science.

Easy and Fun

Our software intuitively guides users to share the fun of the moment. Since it is in the environment, not set aside in a box, it becomes part of the event community.

Custom approach

We bring a team of experienced professionals to help create that special moment. We are driven to deliver that once-in-a-lifetime experience = moments worth sharing.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Our digital analytics package allows you to view the impact and engagement of your social campaign while it’s happening. Your Selfie Station can be quickly configured to share your message, and effectively reach your audience. With our photo booths, you can generate true ROI data using real-time digital marketing tools, while your guests capture and share every exciting moment of your event!