With Thanksgiving already here, many of us are making our lists, and checking them twice, for our Christmas and holiday parties. Every year, party-planning gets a little more complicated, making it easy to overlook a few simple necessities. So, we’ve put together five tips that we hope will help alleviate some of the event planning anxiety!

Tip #1—Theme, or no theme?

Although the holiday season provides its own theme, throwing the same party every year can get a little repetitive for your guests. Giving your holiday bash a theme will ensure that your guests stay excited and talking about your event—both before and after. Also, having an established theme can really help you, the event host, focus on the proper decorating motifs and supplies. Trying to always use the broad, obvious theme of the Holiday Season can actually make purchasing materials harder, since there are so many options during this time of year.

Tip #2—Make a Playlist!

If you are picking a theme, you may already have your party’s playlist figured out. However, even if you do, you may want to pepper in some tunes that break things up a bit. Think about whom you are inviting, and consider either adding a few contemporary hits to make people dance, or a few classic holiday songs to get people singing around the open fire!

Tip #3—Chestnuts, Figs, and Prime Rib, oh my. (Pick the menu)

This step may seem obvious, but we often forget about the importance of putting on our “logistics hat” once we establish the menu that we want to serve. Find all of your recipes, and make a list of every food item that you plan on serving. Then, take a bit of time to sort out the order in which you will prepare everything. There is nothing more stressful then reading over your menu the night before and realizing that there is not enough time, or stoves, to get everything prepared. Some things you may need to even make a couple days prior to the event!

Tip #4—Take Some Inventory

Like food prep, not having enough supplies, and backups, for the big party can really make things difficult. Taking an inventory of plates, silverware, paper towels, water, snacks, and even cleaning supplies can really help keep the party sailing smoothly.

Tip #5—Don’t Forget to Bring the Fun!

No matter what type of holiday party that you are throwing, the number one goal should be making it fun for your guests. You want them to leave your party talking about it for the rest of the year, and excited for next years event. Having some party games (or theme-based games) can really break the ice and get everyone laughing together. If you really want to make your party an instant hit, hiring an outside vendor—like a DJ or photo booth—is an incredible option. Although an event service may seem costly, you may find that the price has actually come down in recent years. As technology improves, so do prices. At Momentus Events, our photo booths use the most cutting edge technology and are sure to engage all of your guests. They will be able to capture and share every fantastic moment of your holiday party, making it last forever. Our packages are made for any budget, and we ensure that an entertaining host stays with the machine, taking care of your guests and any heavy lifting! For more information, click here.

We hope that these tips assist you during this festive time, and from all of us here at Momentus Events, “Happy Holidays!”




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